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Herder develops and builds world-class versatile functional machines. We have been doing this for more than 60 years. Machines which are fabricated in the Netherlands. Over the years, Herder has grown to become a phenomenon. The best-selling brand in the global market for ditch, verge, tree and bank maintenance. Herder assures the highest quality, the best results, a long lifespan and ergonomically sound working practices. Doing business means looking to the future and taking risks. But today, running a business is also looking to the past and the excluding of risks. Opting for Herder is a safe choice. You will not only opting for a machine you can count on for day and night reliability, but you also opting for a machine which is versatile in application. You can use a Herder just as easily at the waterside as well as along a motorway. A Herder will prove itself in all hard-to-reach areas. Herder ensures that you can work in the most extreme situations and that you have a variety of possible application at hand. With Herder you will therefore more than reach your goal, both as an user and a businessman.



At Herder you can choose between different machines for roadside maintenance, ditch maintenance and vegetation maintenance. Check out here which machine suits you best.


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At Herder we produces various types of work tools that are suitable for roadside maintenance, ditch maintenance and vegetation maintenance. Click here to view our extensive range.



With Herder’s flail mowers, you’ll be assured of a long performance life under all conditions and in all circumstances.


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Herder offers you an extensive range of Herder-Fermex stump cutters. In this range you will find self-propelled stump cutters as well as stump cutters that are suitable for tractors and excavators. Discover the possibilities.