Herder – vegetation maintenance

Working with Herder means sound ergonomic work with the best result. Herder produces different types of attachments for the maintenance of vegetation. The rotary hedge mower is the perfect tool for maintaining hedges with the best result. For the sawing of trees or the mowing of rough overgrowth, the circular saw and the forestry mower are the best choice. All these attachments can easily be used with a Herder machine. This range includes hedge mowers, hedge clippers, circular saws, a leaf vacuum and a forestry mower.

Hedge mower | product page >

Herder,beplanting onderhoud,heggenslagmaaier,maaien heggen,maaien bomen
Suitable for mowing and pruning back the woody growth of hedges and trees
Suitable for mowing hedges with a diameter of up to 35 mm
Driven by two motors

Hedge clipper | product page >

Herder,beplanting onderhoud,heggenschaar,onderhoud heggen,onderhoud bomen
Suitable for maintaining hedges and trees
It is suspended on a machine with a jib
Can be used vertically or horizontally

Tree shear | product page >

Suitable to cut bushes, branches and even whole trees
Ensures a clean cut without splinters
Available in two variants: the KS650 and the KS860

Circular saw | product page >

Herder,beplanting onderhoud,cirkelzaag,snoeien takken
Suitable for pruning tree branches of 2 to 20 cm in diameter
Can be fitted with more than one saw blade
Can reach places that are usually difficult to reach

Leaf vacuum | product page >

Herder,beplanting onderhoud,bladzuiger,ruimen blad
Suitable for clearing up strewn leaves and emptying leaf baskets
Can easily be attached to a Grenadier
Can clear a ‘path’ of about one meter broad

Forestry mower | product page >

Herder,beplanting onderhoud,bosbouwmaaier,kreupelhout,struikgewassen
Suitable for mowing rough overgrowth such as brush, shrubs and small to medium-sized tree stumps
Highly suited for heavy work
Standard with a heavy hydraulic folding front

Stobbenfrees | product page >

Herder,Herder,fermex,stobbenfrees,stobben frezen, De stobbenfrees biedt de professionele gebruiker alle ingrediënten voor het verwijderen van nagenoeg elke boomstronk. De Herder-Fermex machines kenmerken zich door hun robuustheid en lage aantal slijtdelen, waardoor een hoge productie gegarandeerd is.
Suitable for grinding away tree trunks (stumps) and surface-growing roots
Driven by a hydraulic motor
Suitable to use with a Herder machine