Side flail mower KMZ


Herder has a name to maintain in Landscape Management. Considering all their innovations, the company from Middelburg has done more than press beyond the limits in the manufacture of flail mowers and other equipment. Sustainable materials and a well-thought out approach guarantee quality performance for a long time. With Herder’s boom flail mowers, you’ll be assured of a long performance life under all conditions and in all circumstances.

You will get more out of one single movement, because the machine is provided with a lateral vegetation waste outlet, as well as a suction ventilator. The safety screen is easily changed to allow mounting of a conveyer belt or a bucket. The flail mowers are available in different widths. Available with three different cutting width: 1.80, 2.25 and 2.75 meter models. Which cutting width works best for you is determined by the working capacities of your tractor, and working conditions. Moreover, this flail mower benefits from a combination with a KMV standard flail mower for double the width in one run.

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FlailsFlail 40 x 12 or Flail 1,2 kg
Impact protectionIn front as well as behind
Sideshift60 cm
OperationTractor Hydraulics
The tractor has to be provided with2x double action function and 1x single action function
Required nominal capacity60 kW (depending on the cutting width)
Working width1,80 m, 2,25 m, 2,75 m