Herder – roadside maintenance

Herder has pushed the boundaries more than once when it comes to road maintenance. Herder develops different types of attachments for road maintenance. The ecologic mower, for example, was developed specially and is eminently suitable if you have an ecological mowing policy. The crash barrier mower is a striking example of achieving the most. All these attachments can easily be used with a Herder machine.

Ecomower | product page >

Herder,Roadside maintenance,eco mower,flail mower,tools,hydraulic flail mower
Ideally suited for roadside maintenance
Can easily be used with various machines
Suitable to mow tall vegetation
Economical in use
Available in working breadths 1.30 – 1.50 – 1.80 – 2.25 m

Ecological mower | product page >

Herder, flail mower, ecological mower, hydraulic flail mower, ditch maintenance, roadside maintenance
Suitable to mow road verges and slopes
Enhanced cutting efficiency
Low fuel consumption
Minimum damage to flora and fauna
Suitable in places where clapper mowers are forbidden

Crash barrier mower | product page >

Herder,verge maintenance,Crash barrier mowers,high way maintenance
Suitable for road maintenance next to roads or motorways
Automatically dodging obstacles
Two sets of blades, driven by a hydraulic motor

Weed brusher | product page >

Herder onkruidborstel voor onkruidbestrijding
For the removal of weeds from road verges and places that are difficult to reach
By means of a Herder quick-fit connection the weed brushes can be connected to a Herder machine
Standard equipped with an adjustable cylinder mounted on the frame for setting the brush to the correct angle

Stump cutter | product page >

Herder,Herder,fermex,stobbenfrees,stobben frezen, De stobbenfrees biedt de professionele gebruiker alle ingrediënten voor het verwijderen van nagenoeg elke boomstronk. De Herder-Fermex machines kenmerken zich door hun robuustheid en lage aantal slijtdelen, waardoor een hoge productie gegarandeerd is.
Suitable for grinding away tree trunks (stumps) and surface-growing roots
Driven by a hydraulic motor
Suitable to use with any Herder machine