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Herder – mowing arms

Herder makes machines to order where the starting point is always one of customization. However, we do have a range which forms the best basis for your management issues. All these Herders have common features; they are reliable and have more than proved themselves in practice. Herders are made by hand and are constructed by specialists. The most powerful Herder machine is the Grenadier which makes it possible to carry out work under the most trying conditions. The Cavalier has been developed for the middle segment of the market. The Musketier is, on account of its unique Herder ground tracking system, especially suitable for working with a flail mower in verge management. The Kantonnier is a self-propelled cutter suction combination, the ideal machine for the management of green shoulders along the motorways. It is of course possible to adapt the machine of your choice to your personal preferences and requirements. In this way we ensure that you can achieve more with Herder.

Grenadier  | product page >

Herder,Grenadier,mowing arm,verge maintenance,ditch maintenance
Suitable for maintenance of roads, ditches and vegetation
Suitable for 15 attachments, also available with suction option
The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor
Standard reach between 6.40 m and 8.80 m
Herder can develop arms which have a reach of 11 meters

Cavalier  | product page >

Herder,Cavalier,mowing arm,verge maintenance,ditch maintenance,mowing
Cost-efficient mowing arm
Suitable for maintenance of roads and ditches
The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor
Standard reach of 6.60 m
With electronically operated joystick

Musketier  | product page >

Herder,Musketier,mowing arm,verge maintenance,mowing
Cost-efficient mowing arm
Suitable for road maintenance
The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor
Standard reach of 5.40 m
Standard with Nivotronic system

Musketier Y  | product page >

Herder,Musketier,Unimog,verge maintenance,nivotronic
Musketier mounted on Unimog
Suitable for working in urban areas as well as on the highway
Standard with a two piece boom
Standard reach of 7.00 m
Standard with Nivotronic system

Kantonnier  | product page>

Herder,Kantonnier,mowing arm,mower-vacuum combination,mower,vacuum
Self-propelled mower-vacuum combination
Suitable for road maintenance
Speeds up to 80 km/h, suitable for high way
Compact and suitable for road verge maintenance from the emergency lane
No trailer coupled behind

Booms  | product page>

Herder boom sets for standard and special excavators
Standard extension suitable for (medium-sized) excavators up to 12 tonnes
Herder supplies a reinforced model for excavators larger than 12 tonnes
Boom sets for medium-sized excavators (approx. 5 to 9 tonnes)
Boom sets for special excavators like Mecalac and Gallmac machines

Specials  | product page>

Herder, specials, mowing arm, mowing
Tailor-made machines for specific situations
For various maintenance issues