SC-900H Stump cutter


The SC-900H stump cutter is based on familiar technology, but the power that is transferred to the cutting wheel has been greatly increased. The SC-900H is equipped with heavy-duty hydraulic pumps and motors to transfer the high power outputs to the cutting wheel. The well thought-out boom construction of the SC-900H gives a wide reach, with which also the possibility arises to work over fencing such as a crash barrier or railings.

Through opting for a hydraulic-mechanical drive, you have a maximum freedom of movement of the cutting wheel as there are no mechanical constraints. Through this you have the possibility to cut stumps behind fencing, railings or, for example, behind a crash barrier.

Herder,Herder-fermex,stump cutter,stump grinder
Hydraulic pump driveTractor power take-off
Lifting deviceCategory II en III
Required power270 HP
Rpm1000 rpm
Pump capacity290 l/min
Operating pressure420 Bar