Herder – ditch maintenance

Herder has pushed the boundaries more than once when it comes to ditch maintenance. Herder produces different types of attachments for the maintenance of ditches. For example the well-known Herder mowing buckets that perform to the full in all conditions. The ecomower ensures that you can mow in an environmentally correct way. The Herder dredging buckets and water pumps are developed especially for the Herder Grenadier and Cavalier. All tese attachments can easily be used with a Herder machine.

Mowing bucket  | product page >

Herder,ditch maintenance,mowing bucket,mowing ditches
Mowing bucket for ditch maintenance
Available in light and heavy models
Suitable for various machines, including Herder Grenadier
Available in various working widths, max. up to 8.60 m

Booms productpage >

Boom sets for standard and special excavators
The standard extension piece is suitable for (medium-sized) excavators up to 12 tonnes
Herder supplies a reinforced model for excavators larger than 12 tonnes

Ecomower | product page >

Herder,Roadside maintenance,eco mower,flail mower,tools
Suitable for maintaining of rough vegetation such as at ditch slopes
Vegetation is mowed by means of a rotating rotor with ‘loose’ hung flails attached to this
Suitable to mow tall vegetation with branches and irregularities
Available in working breadths 1.30 – 1.50 – 1.80 – 2.25 m.

Dredging bucket| product page >

Herder,ditch maintenance,Dredging buckets,dredging
Suitable for dredging tasks above and below water
Suitable for Herder Grenadier and Cavalier
Available in three working widths: 1.00 m – 1.50 m – 2.00 m

Water pumps | product page >

Herder,ditch maintenance,Water pump
Suitable for rapidly draining a ditch for horticultural purposes
Employable for reasons of urgency
Can be deployed from a distance

Fish Protector | product page >

Fish friendly mowing of the waterways
Directly attached to the mowing bucket
Prevents fish from ending up in the mowing bucket