Herder – booms

Herder supplies machines that perform at the highest level and under the most extreme conditions. This is only possible if all the parts and components can stand up to every test. Herder builds and develops machines that meet the most stringent requirements. This applies to applies to the work tools, and of course, the booms. The Herder engineers do not like leaving things to chance and neither do the builders. The benefit for you as user is that you can rely under all circumstances on the quality that is so typical of Herder. Whether you choose an extension boom or a boom set for a medium-sized excavator. What’s more, Herder can also build a boom to meet your needs and requirements.

Booms productpage >

Boom sets for standard and special excavators
The standard extension piece is suitable for (medium-sized) excavators up to 12 tonnes
Herder supplies a reinforced model for excavators larger than 12 tonnes
Boom sets for medium-sized excavators (approx. 5 to 9 tonnes)
Boom sets for special excavators like Mecalac and Gallmac

Rotating Tipper Bucket productpage >

This Rotating Tipper Bucket was developed specially for unloading in the longitudinal direction of the ditch
You can unload in front of and behind the excavator
Available in two standard models with 80-cm effective extension
One version is available for excavators smaller than 12 tonnes
A heavy model for excavators of 12 tonnes and heavier