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Herder was founded in 1947 and has grown to become a worldwide market leader in the area of ditch, verge, tree and bank maintenance. Herder is located at Herculesweg in Middelburg. In a well-equipped and spacious industrial property of approx. 10,000 m² where hydraulically driven and very specialised machines are designed and fabricated. For the fabrication, exclusive use is made of high-grade and sustainable materials. The factory is equipped with an in-house paint line where only paints that minimally impact the environment are used.

About 95 experienced and skilled employees develop and build, with great dedication, machines which are used to perform work in more than 30 countries. The involvement of the employees ensures a high-quality product that is often imitated but never equalled. Besides standard products and machines and a full range of optional equipment, there are also custom constructions fabricated for clients at the factory in Middelburg. The strength of Herder is namely not only in fabrication, but also in development.

The supply range of Herder comprises a broad basic range including cutter arms for tractor mounting on broad and narrow gauges and a greater variety of hydraulically driven equipment. The range also includes self-propelled ditch cleaning machines and vehicles for cutting and dredging work. Herder also, of course, supplies equipment for the maintenance of cutting blades.

Herder is active in 30 countries and provides worldwide support via a specialist and reliable dealer network. Our own parts service ensures that you will quickly receive parts for replacement or repairs.